Letter: T-S AS 159.236

Letter T-S AS 159.236


Fragment from a letter in Judaeo-Arabic. A reference is made to רבינו המעוז המגדול (our Rabbi, the Great Fortress), a title usually reserved for Maimonides or his son. Mentions: "I have not received any response from our Rabbi, the Great Fortress. If he is still owed anything by my son, let me know" (ומא גא מן רבינו המעוז המגדול גואב אן כאן בקית לה שי קבל אבני יערפני). The sender asks for news about the capitation taxes (al-jawālī). Refers to an amīr. There are a few words in Arabic script on verso (على الحكيم . . . على معارضته . . . ). Potentially the same hand (and/or indirect joins): T-S NS 292.56 (PGPID 24738), T-S 13J7.24 (PGPID 1197), T-S AS 159.236 (PGPID 22445). AA/ASE