Paraliterary text: T-S AS 159.167

Paraliterary text T-S AS 159.167

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Literary text in Judaeo-Arabic, with a colophon. Mentions: "my master Aaron... his lineage... the other tribes of the sons of (Israel)... in the Torah... (Moses and?) Aaron, peace be upon them... [...] the son of Jacob the prophet, peace be upon him... his lineage to Ḥuwayy/Ḥivi the son of... of Khaybarī origin, an in-law of the noble [feminine name or noun]. I have transcribed all the foregoing from Arabic script into Hebrew script, letter by letter, for the sake of the knowledge of a sect of the Jews... and I have taken their testimony in it.... The completion (אלפגֿאר(!)) of it was... Kislev 1644... Yaʿaqov ha-Rofe (the physician)." The date corresponds to 1331 CE. AA. ASE.