Letter: T-S Ar.54.76

Letter T-S Ar.54.76


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In PGP since 2019


Letter(s). The first 9 lines are in Arabic script (the hand is practiced), followed by 9 lines in Judaeo-Arabic (the hand is crude). It may be one and the same sender/scribe. The Arabic portion mentions congratulations; possibly sesame oil (sīraj, l. 3); that the sender sent something to the Rayyis, who is asked for a favor; that Abū l-Ḥasan b. al-[...] was also present at the time this letter was written and kisses the addressee's hands and serves him. The Judaeo-Arabic portion mentions "a Hebrew letter"; urges the addressee to respond quickly before the holiday; asks for "a separate ruqʿa in my name and in the name of Sulaymān"; and may allude to a legal case between himself and Sulaymān in the countryside (al-Rīf). He reports that "they have begun" with the addressee's silk and asks if they should start dyeing the 10 ruṭaylāt of silk. Needs further examination (especially the Arabic portion). ASE