State document: T-S Ar.51.108

State document T-S Ar.51.108


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Recto, with address on verso: Petition from Muslim b. ʿAlī b. Muslim to Abū l-Faraj b. [...] b. Yūḥannā. Phrases that jump out are "wa-laysa fī hādhihi l-nawāḥī mā...." (l. 11) and "qad ʿalimat ḥaḍratuhu annī rajulun mastūr" (l. 12). Needs further examination. On verso there is also the end of a Judaeo-Arabic letter: "I greet you and all the friends, and may R. Natan and Rabbenu and his son be in perfect well-being." In the same hand, there are also liturgical compositions for Shabbat.

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