State document: T-S Ar.42.211

State document T-S Ar.42.211


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In PGP since 2019


Petition from a group of people to al-ʿĀḍid (cf. formulae in T-S Ar.51.107). Mentions iqṭāʿāt and muqṭaʿīn, several place names, the ṣāḥib al-ḥarb in al-Maḥalla and how the Maghribīs sought the expulsion of the petitioners from their iqṭāʿāt (fa-lammā uqṭiʿat al-mamālīk rāmū l-maghāriba ikhrājhum). On verso there is a Hebrew liturgical poem; strophes interspersed with reference to a refrain. Needs further examination. (Information in part from FGP)