State document: T-S Ar.42.195

State document T-S Ar.42.195


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Petition to a Fatimid dignitary concerning (or from?) a certain Abū l-Faraj apparently regarding various properties in a neighborhood (and perhaps their commandeering?). Subsidiary to the main request: " my lord the glorious shaykh, may God make his exaltation endure, belongs the lofty resolution concerning the use of the servant’s provisions, if what they contain should be of help to him..." (wa-li-mawlāya al-shaykh al-jalīl adāma allāh ʿuluwwahu ʿālī al-raʾy fī ightinām maʾūnat ʿabdihi in kāna mā yataḥaṣṣa fīhā ʿāyidan ʿalā ʿawnihi). (Khan, ALAD, p.316n46; also mentioned in "Historical Development," p.19.) There are also two lines at the bottom from a unrelated, unidentified document in Arabic script—perhaps a letter. The two documents were glued together by a Jewish scribe, who reused verso for Hebrew liturgy.

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