State document: T-S Ar.42.195 + T-S Ar.38.128

State document T-S Ar.42.195 + T-S Ar.38.128



Petition to a Fatimid dignitary concerning (or from?) a certain Abū l-Faraj apparently regarding various properties in a neighborhood (and perhaps their commandeering?). Subsidiary to the main request: " my lord the glorious shaykh, may God make his exaltation endure, belongs the lofty resolution concerning the use of the servant’s provisions, if what they contain should be of help to him..." (wa-li-mawlāya al-shaykh al-jalīl adāma allāh ʿuluwwahu ʿālī al-raʾy fī ightinām maʾūnat ʿabdihi in kāna mā yataḥaṣṣa fīhā ʿāyidan ʿalā ʿawnihi). (Khan, ALAD, p.316n46; also mentioned in "Historical Development," p.19 but Khan reads maʿūna instead of mathūba). This fragment was glued together with several unrelated fragments (including the two fragments which comprise T-S Ar.38.128, and likely T-S K11.57 as well) in order to provide a substrate for Hebrew literary text. See separate records.

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Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).
  1. [. . .]

  2. ابو الفرج الكرخي المبتاع لهذه الدار وقال[

  3. الا باطلاق من مولاي الشيخ //الجليل// لا على الحـ[

  4. اعتابا(؟) له بسبب حق واجب       وعند مولاي الشيخ الجليل

  5. ادام الله تمكينه رغب الى انعامه في التقدم الى الشيخ ابو الفرج ادام الله عزه

  6. او من راه بدرك الاعراض له وتمكينه من التصرف فيه بحسب ما يقتضيه الحق

  7. ومـ]ـوجب العدل     اذ كان العبد مذ اشهد هذه الارباع(؟) انها لصاحبه الغلة(؟)

  8. ولمولاي الشيخ الجليل ادام الله علوه عالي الراي في اغتنام مثوبة عبده

  9. اذ كان ما يتحصل فيها عايدا على عوراته وسو حاله استجاب الله منه صالح الـ[ـدعا

  10. [. . .]

Right margin

  1. مـ[        ]ان شا الله


Yusuf Umrethwala, PGP Translations (n.p., 2023).
  1. []
  2. Abū l-Faraj al-Karkhī, the seller of this house, and said [
  3. except with the permission from our master the elder //the illustrious// not by [
  4. mocking (?) him because of his right. And to our master the elder and illustrious
  5. may God perpetuate his support, is the yearning for benefaction, to send a missive to Abū al-Faraj, the elder, may God elongate his glory
  6. or to anyone (whom he deems worthy) to grant him the rights to access [the property] according to the law
  7. and justice. Because in the slave’s experience of these properties (?), they are for the ……..
  8. And to our illustrious master, may God perpetuate his high status, belongs the lofty resolution, in seizing his slave’s reward

Right margin


  1. [ ] God willing.

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