State document: T-S Ar.42.173

State document T-S Ar.42.173



Recto (secondary use): Petition draft in Arabic script. The sender thanks the addressee for employing him in government service (khidma). Mentions "al-dawāwīn al-maʿmūra." The variants of the raʾy clause "wa li l-ʾārāʾ al-ʿāliya faḍl" are attested on petitions addressed to alʿ-Ādil (T-S H15.62, T-S At. 42173, and T -S Ar. 42.94). Needs further examination.

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Yusuf Umrethwala, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).


  1. المملوك يقبل الارض وينهي انه كان انعم عليه بالخدمة في [
  2. طـ[                              ]....للديوان المعمور
  3. من الجاري[                       بـ]ـخط الشريف النبوي وخط من تقدم
  4. نظره واثبته في الدواوين المعمورة وعدمه(؟) ويسل خروج التوقيع
  5. العالي زاده الله شرفا بذكر ما حل(؟) على الديوان في ذلك
  6. يسل الانعام بحمله على ما شهد له به انعاما عليه واحسانا اليه
  7. وللآرى العالية فضل


Yusuf Umrethwala, PGP Translations (n.p., 2023).


  1. The slave kisses the ground and reports that he [the addressee] showed kindness to him by appointing him in [
  2. [                       ]in the state bureau 
  3. By releasing [         ]in his lofty and prophetic hand, and the hand of those whose
  4. supervision preceded him, and registering it in the state bureau ….and he asks for the issuance of the noble decree
  5. may God increase its glory by notifying what befell(?) the bureau in that regard
  6. He asks that benefaction be extended to him by adjudicating him according to the testimonies established for him, by showing benefaction on him, and kindness to him
  7. and for the lofty opinions

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