Letter: T-S Ar.42.162

Letter T-S Ar.42.162



Letter in Arabic script. The sender may be named Hibatallāh b. Bū Naṣr. The addressee's name appears in the first line; maybe Abū l-Ḥasan. Deals mainly with business matters but contains many petition-like phrases, maybe to soften the sender's impatience and all the information about accounting. Also contains the "yujaddid taqbīl al-arḍ" phrase "the slave renews the kissing of the ground" (for the usage of the phrase, see Khan, ALAD, pg. 313, 433), and the phrase "fī khidma mālik al-riqq" (see Khan, ALAD, pg. 345, 368, 434). The letter could perhaps be addressed to a state official involved in business activities. Described in Baker and Polliack as "letter, possibly addresseed to a caliph". Needs further examination. Reused on verso for dense accounts in Arabic script, mentioning numerous materia medica.