State document: T-S Ar.40.107

State document T-S Ar.40.107


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In PGP since 2021


Draft of a letter/petition, in Arabic script. Addressed to Huṣām al-Dawla. The sender asks that 'you rescue me from this man' (bi-an tukhalliṣ ʿabdak min hādhā l-insān) and 'make me one of your mamlūks.' He then repeats himself a couple of times. At the top at 180 degrees, there is a scribal practice of fiscal accounting referring to the total from the districts neighboring (aʿmāl al-nawāḥī al-jāriya) the iqṭāʿ of Khuṭlukh in the same scribal hand. There is a draft of a different letter to Ḥusām al-Dawla with a nearly identical opening on fols. 2r–2v of T-S Ar.39.11 (PGPID 20768). Reused on recto for jottings in Judaeo-Arabic and of the Hebrew alphabet. Possibly accounts (various fractions are mentioned and the sums 100 and 1991.75), calendrical, or mathematical calculations.