State document: T-S Ar.39.387

State document T-S Ar.39.387


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Recto: Fatimid document. Verso: Part of a preliminary draft of a chancery document addressed to a government official. ". . . bi-l-shadd minka fī istikhrāj al-māl ʿalā l-kamāl ʿalā l-kamāl (sic!) wa-l-tamām wa-qaṣr yad man yudawwim al-iḥtimā' ʿalayka wa-l-manʿ min iḥdāth rasm lam tajri bihi l-ʿāda. . . . " That is, an order has been issued in favour of the addressee: "for you to be granted the power to levy the money in its entirety, for the hand to be restrained of whomsoever continually defaults (on his payment) to you, and for the prevention of an unwonted practice.' Information from Khan, "Copy of a Decree," 443n17 and Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections, 343n20. See the same references for the term "shadd," likely a refrence to some kind of financial administrator called a shādd.