List or table: T-S Ar.38.29

List or table T-S Ar.38.29



Recto: List of books that have been pawned. With Abū Saʿīd b. Levi: three booklets (ajzāʾ) for 2 dirhams. With Bū l-[...]: some books of Hippocrates (kutub Buqrāṭ) for 5 dirhams. With Abū ʿAlī b. [...]: one book for 5 dirhams. With the dyer (al-ṣabbāgh): 1 book containing Kitāb al-Miʿda(?) and Kitāb al-Aghdhiya for 5 dirhams. With the physician (al-ṭabīb al-[...]): 1 book for 1 dinar. With Ibn Muʿammar(?): two books. The list continues at the bottom of the page at 180 degrees, in a different pen and ink. On verso there may be another text block of the same; there is a recipe in Arabic script, probably medical; and there are some pen trials in both Hebrew and Arabic script. ASE