Letter: T-S Ar.35.131

Letter T-S Ar.35.131


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Recto: Letter in Arabic script. The glyph appears at the top. The hand is skilled and the margins are large, and there is a taqbīl at the end. Dating: Maybe 12th–13th century, but this is a guess. Mentions 'what Bū l-Ḥasan said to the qāḍī' (l. 5). Makes excuses and justifications about various things: "that which I think about you nothing like what you imagined..." (wa-lā fī nafsī mink mimmā tawahhamta shayʾ...). Mentions Dār al-Anmāṭ, which was a well-known market complex on the eastern bank of the Nile near the mosque of ʿAmr ibn al-ʿĀṣ and the main street of Fustat (see Ahmad Ghabin, Ḥisba, Arts and Crafts in Islam, p. 241, where there is also a reference to Geniza documents cited by Gil). Needs further examination. Verso: fragment of an official-looking (fiscal?) account in Arabic script. Needs further examination.