Legal document: T-S 12.779

Legal document T-S 12.779



Faded legal document in the hand of Hillel b. ʿEli. Location: Fustat. Dated: Monday, 3 Iyyar 1407 Seleucid = 28 April 1096 CE. Parties: Meshullam b. Shelomo Ibn Sunaynāt al-Muqaddasī (appears also in T-S AS 156.138 + T-S 10J8.4 + T-S 6J3.12 (PGPID 3069)) who serves as a representative of a young women regarding a legal document written in Muslim court. Also mentions Berakhot and Yehuda ha-Rav ha-Muvhaq (יהודה הרב המובהק) who might be Yehuda b. Yosef. AA/ASE