Letter: CUL Or.1081 J22

Letter CUL Or.1081 J22



Nearly complete letter in Judaeo-Arabic to Abū l-Ḥusayn Ṣedaqa b. Nissim al-Mukallifī (אלמכלפי ?) in Alexandria. The letter is written on a fragment torn from a large chancery document; only the beginnings of two Arabic lines remain‌ (الى بيع مدىىن(؟) . . . فلما تصاعد ال . . . ). Most of the letter is devoted to commiseration about the "fire" that the writer has heard is afflicting Abū l-Ḥusayn. Perhaps a great grief of some kind? It is possible that Abū l-Ḥusayn was stranded around Tyre (בגובת צור), but this sentence is fragmentary. Apart from urging the addressee to respond and reassure him, the writer also informs him that ״אערצת אלסרר״ (?) but it didn't come to anything (or gain any money?).