Legal document: T-S NS 99.59 + CUL Or.1081 2.26

Legal document T-S NS 99.59 + CUL Or.1081 2.26



Legal document. In Hebrew. Dating: second half of the 16th century based on the people mentioned; strangely, no date appears in the document itself. Involves the Mustaʿrib congregation of Cairo, Zeraḥ b. Moshe Dammūhī, and Avraham Dammūhī, and the issue of which of them will assume the 'mishmeret' of the late Moshe Dammūhī. It seems that Zeraḥ "did not benefit from it or touch it" and ultimately Avraham is appointed. Join found via the FGP join finder. Needs further examination. For Zeraḥ Dammūhī, see also T-S 8J6.22 (PGPID 16221). Moshe Dammūhī appears in several documents from this period, including as the father of one of the witnesses of T-S 8J8.23 (PGPID 16227). MCD/ASE