Legal document: T-S 8J6.22

Legal document T-S 8J6.22

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Legal document in Hebrew. Location: Fustat/Cairo. Dated: Tuesday, 17 Sivan 5323 = 8 June 1563 CE. In which Zeraḥ Dammūhī (cf. T-S NS 99.59) acknowledges a debt of 4 ducats (peraḥim) to Moshe, a repairer of books, known as מג׳מגם (on verso, מג׳מג׳ם). Signed by Avraham b. Yeshuʿa the cantor and Shelomo Maʾazuzi (מאזוזי). Verso contains Moshe's name, written transversely in relation to the text on recto. (Information from CUDL and A. David's edition via FGP.)

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