Legal document: BL OR 5554A.49

Legal document BL OR 5554A.49



Legal document, or letter with legal content. Reporting to a group of people (ישמרכם צור ישראל) that the will of Shela b. Yefet Ibn al-Sukkarī was read before the court after his death. The text of the will is partially copied here. Mainly he wills 300 dinars to his young daughter with various specifications about her maintenance. The money will be administered by the Alexandrians Abū Hārūn and Abū Saʿīd Khulayf b. Qays and ʿEzra b. Hillel will be the executors. Mentions the authority of the Rayyis Mevorakh (b. Saʿadya?) ha-Meʿulle ba-Ḥavura. T-S AS 151.151 (PGPID 21950) is a small fragment which may be related, but not enough is preserved to be sure. Shela b. Yefet Ibn al-Sukkarī appears also in ENA 4020.16 (PGPID 2404) in 1068 CE and T-S 20.83 (PGPID 7522) in 1066 CE.