Legal document: BL OR 10578M.7

Legal document BL OR 10578M.7



Recto: Formulary for a bill of divorce (get). In Hebrew and Aramaic. Upper margin and verso: several lines of Arabic script. The verso reads, "Yashūʿā b. Yūsuf (=Yeshuʿa b. Yosef) wrote this in Kislev (كسليو = כסליו) on the day that the Amir Nāṣir al-Dawla besieged (or: took) Alexandria after killing 1000 people there. This was in the year 454 [AH = 1062/63 CE]." This is very interesting since these events were supposed to have taken place two years later according to Ibn Taghrībirdī’s al-Nujūm al-zāhira fī mulūk Miṣr wa-al-Qāhira (5:74). ASE, YU.