Letter: BL OR 10578B.1 + T-S 8J15.28

Letter BL OR 10578B.1 + T-S 8J15.28



Description from BL OR 10578B.1: Letter from Maʿānī, in an unknown location, to his brother Mūsā, in Fustat. The letter is in Judaeo-Arabic with the address in Arabic: to [Sūq] al-ʿAṭṭārīn, to Ibn al-Amshāṭī, to be given to [...] al-Ḥazzān, to be given to his son Mūsā. "By the milk with which we were nursed and by the womb that bore us. . . do not let your father cut me off because of what I said to him. You yourself should buy the paper from him. . . the copyist. . . exert (tajdahid = tajtahid) yourself for me." Description from T-S 8J15.28: Letter from an Alexandrian trader who is on a journey, possibly in the Persian Gulf, to a family member. The writer wants to visit Baghdad and Ezekiel’s tomb before returning home, and mentions people including Manṣūr and Sālim. The letter continues onto verso, where there is also an astrological table in Arabic script. (Information from CUDL.) See also Goitein's attached notes. May be the same hand as the cluster of poetry fragments listed under T-S NS 292.38 (PGPID 24720). Join: Alan Elbaum

T-S 8J15.28 1r



Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).


T-S 8J15.28 1v


BL OR 10578B.1 recto



  1. ב
  2. אכוה מעאני
  3. אלדי אערף בה אכי אלעזיז אטאל אללה בקאה
  4. וגמע שמלי בה קריב אן שא אללה וסוא דלך
  5. בחק אללבן אלדי אתראצענאה ואלבטן
  6. אלדי חמלנא ובחק . ב . פרחך ברוחך אן שא אללה
  7. לא תכלי ואלדך יקטע בי פי אלדי קלת לה
  8. ותשתרי אנת מן ענדך אלורק . . . . [
  9. אלנאסך ותגדהד לי . . . . [
  10. מא יכון ואל . [
  11. תקט[ע . . . 

Recto - right margin

  1. וואלדך [
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