List or table: T-S AS 153.287

List or table T-S AS 153.287



Communal accounts, probably from the early 13th century. Mentions the terms 'jibāya' (collection) and "jābī' (collector) several times. Entries include citrons and myrtle (for sukkot), the beadle (khādim) of Dammūh, trash collection (ramy turāb), Wafāʾ al-[...], Farajallāh, capitation taxes (al-jawālī) for the foreigner from Damascus (lil-gharīb al-Dimashqī); Ibn Sharwīl or Sarwīl; under the header 'mezonot' (food distribution), names include Hilāl. Yiftaḥ the cantor and beadle, and Hilāl the brother of Bū l-Majd the cantor (= probably Meʾir b. Yakhin). Verso: Arabic accounts. (Information in part from CUDL)

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