Letter: T-S AS 155.101

Letter T-S AS 155.101



Mercantile letter. Very faded. Mentions Aden in l. 7 and ʿAydhāb in l. 10. Later (l. 18) reports that Yiṣḥaq al-Nafūsī traveled this year to al-Tīz, i.e., the chief port of the Makrān coast in present-day Balochistan. The same trip of Yiṣḥaq al-Nafūsī is mentioned in IB VI, 28 = Moss. Ia,18 (PGPID 9199), ll. 24–25. In fact, Moss. Ia,18 and T-S AS 155.101 are by the same sender and deal with similar matters. (Al-Tīz is also mentioned in IB I,14 = T-S 28.22 (PGPID 5358), r11.) On Yiṣḥaq (b. Makhlūf) al-Nafūsī, active in the 1130s CE, see Goitein and Friedman, India Traders, p. 258. There is a very faded date at the bottom, which may read Tishrei 1444 Seleucid, which would be 1132 CE if read correctly. Needs further examination. ASE

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