Letter: T-S AS 153.293

Letter T-S AS 153.293


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Mercantile letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Mentions something ṭabarī (a garment?), "his son Abū l-Karam," "Sālim b. Nissim arrived" (the same as in Bodl. MS heb. d 75/14 (PGPID 6491)?), something (ʿūd/aromatic wood?) Yemeni, a zabdiyya, and nutmeg. On verso mentions the sale of 'the rest of the goods,' selling them in ʿAkka(?), the aromatic wood, the arrival of the gold, and Abū l-Karam again. In a postscript instructs the addressee not to do something involving Sarūq (unless this is part of the word "masrūq"/stolen?) Ibn Sunaynāt. At the bottom there are a few words in Arabic script, maybe part of the address. (Information in part from CUDL)

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