Legal document: T-S AS 146.219

Legal document T-S AS 146.219



Probably a partnership agreement, less likely a letter. In Judaeo-Arabic with some Hebrew. Mentions the names Shaʾul Ibn al-Najera and his son Yosef b. Shaʾul, and agreement that someone will travel with some merchandise to Tilimsān and sell it there; the profits will apparently be divided 50/50. The handwriting is Spanish and there is a good chance of finding a match for one of the scribes known from India Book IV. It may be related to the partnership agreement between Ḥalfon b. Netanʾel and Yosef b. Shaʾul/Shuʿayb Ibn al-Najera found in India Book 26ח = T-S 12.830 + T-S 8J5.13 (PGPID 9068), from January 1138 CE. On verso, in a different hand, there is also jotted text relating to a partnership agreement. ASE

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