Letter: Moss. V,333.1

Letter Moss. V,333.1

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Letter fragment from the cantor Yefet b. ʿAmram b. Moshe ha-Mumḥe known as Ibn al-Jāzfīnī, in the Rīf, to the elder and cantor Yakhin b. Avraham, presumably in Fustat. In Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: second half of the 11th century. Same sender as T-S 20.28 (PGPID 3551) and T-S 12.399 (PGPID 19961), and see T-S H15.109 (PGPID 38183). The addressee appears in T-S AS 204.163 (PGPID 22709) and T-S 8J4.12 + T-S NS J6 + T-S 8J4.11 (PGPID 2094). Most of the content is lost. (Information in part from CUDL; see also Zinger, Women, Gender, and Law (PhD Diss.), p. 363f on the Ibn al-Jāzfīnī family.)

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