Legal document: T-S 13J25.22

Legal document T-S 13J25.22


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Legal document concerning houses that are part of the estate of the deceased Avraham Castro. At the time of writing, Mordekhay רקאק is renting one property, and Shemuʾel Ibn Yaḥyā rents another. The document also mentions the following individuals, who have a family connection to the estate of Avraham Castro: Yaʿaqov Castro he-Ḥakham, Yiṣḥaq Castro, Yosef Saʿadya, and Ester the sister of Yiṣḥaq. This document refers to several previous documents that were brought to the judges for authorisation. The first of these was dated Thursday 3rd Nisan 5402 (= 1642 CE), signed by Ḥabib דנון and Moshe [...]. The second document was dated 1643 CE, signed Moshe Reʾuven the scribe, Yiṣḥaq Castro and Yehuda [...]. The following judges approved the previous documents: Yehuda (?) b. Ḥizqiyyahu ha-Kohen, Menaḥem ha-Kohen, and [...] Barukh, dated Monday 8th [...] 5416 (= 1656 CE) in Cairo. The document is signed by Shelomo b. Shemuʾel, Somekh ha-Kohen (scribe), and Shelomo b. ʿEzra (?). (Information from CUDL)

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