Legal document: T-S 10J13.28

Legal document T-S 10J13.28



Legal document(s). Various draft legal documents on recto and verso (possibly from a court notebook), including one completely crossed out. People mentioned include Menaḥem Ṣarfati b. Moshe and Ḥanuna wife of Shemuʾel [..], Yaʿaqov b. Raḥamim ha-Levi and Yiṣḥaq Reʾuven b. Yaʿaqov. A commodity is mentioned (14 raṭls of sikilianus (שכילייאנוס)). Location: Fustat/Cairo. Dated: Kislev 5459 AM (= November/December 1698 CE). On verso the witnesses are Moshe Maymūn and [...] ben Hini. Needs further examination. (Information in part from CUDL)

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