Legal document: Moss. VII,20.1

Legal document Moss. VII,20.1


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Legal document. In Hebrew. Location: Fustat/Cairo. Dated: Monday, 26 Ḥeshvan 5342 AM, which is 1581 CE. In which Budayrī acknowledges that he owes ʿAlāʾ al-Dīn al-Ḥimṣī a debt of 12 gold Venetian ducats (peraḥim), which he will repay within 2 months. Signed by Yosef b. Meir Somekh ha-Kohen alongside another elaborate signature. Verso contains confirmation of receipt (of only 6 ducats?), written transversely in relation to recto. The note on verso is dated: first decade of Nisan 5342 AM (so well beyond the two month repayment that was agreed upon). (Information in part from CUDL.)

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