Legal document: T-S NS J268

Legal document T-S NS J268



Legal record. Dated Friday, 3 Av or July 4, 1231. Scribal notes for a draft of a partnership contract. The notes state that Abū Sa‘d has 83 dinars (minus two qirāṭs) together with Manṣūr b. the great-grandson, Suleymān b. ‘Imrān and Futūḥ b. Abū al-‘Izz, with the profit to be split in two halves, half for Futūḥ b. Abū al-‘Izz (less a twenty-fourth) and half for Abū Sa‘d, with Suleymān given 19 as a commenda. The full details of these notes are delineated in the contract itself (see TS 8 J 6.9, verso). (Information from Lieberman, "A Partnership Culture," 182-183)

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.

חוזה שותפות שנעשה לאחר שאחד מארבעת שותפים חלה ולא יכול היה לצאת עם


  1. אלדי ללשיך אבו סעד פג //אלא קיראטין// מע מנצור //בן נין // וסלימאן //בן עמראן // ופתוח
  2. בן בו אלעז אלפאידה נצפין לה אלנצף //אלא קיראט// ולאבו סעד אלנצף //ולהם אלנצף//
  3. ויט ענד סלי[מאן] קראץ מהמא חצל פיהא אלנצף לה ואלנצף
  4. כמתל ו[להם] אן יפעלוא פיה מא יראוה מן אלמצלחה
  5. יום אלגמעה אלתאלת מן אב יהפך לש קמב


Phillip Ackerman-Lieberman, "A Partnership Culture: Jewish Economic and Social Life Seen Through the Legal Documents of the Cairo Geniza" (PhD diss., Princeton University, 2007).


  1. The Elder Abū Sa‘d has 83 //less two qirāṭs// with Manṣūr //b. the great-grandson// and Suleymān //b. ‘Imrān// and Futūḥ
  2. b. (A)bū al-‘Izz, the profit (to be split in) two halves, half for him //less a twenty-fourth// and for Abū Sa‘d half //and they have half//
  3. and Suley[mān] has 19 as a commenda; of whatever he receives therein, half will be for him and
  4. half will be (treated) likewise, and [they may] do as they see for the good.
  5. Friday, the third of Av, may (God) transform it into j(oy, of the year) 142

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