Letter: ENA NS 68.11

Letter ENA NS 68.11



Recto: Part of an Arabic letter very likely from Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi, Qalyub, to a family member in Fustat. He mentions Abu l-Surur and asks for something to be sent and says that al-Shaykh al-Ra’is thanks the addressee. From lines 5-10, he discusses the affair of Ibn al-Taffal (presumably identical with his nemesis Yefet b. Shelomo the physician known as ‘the son of the fuller’; cf. the other fragments tagged with ‘Ibn al-Taffal’). Moshe appears to be gloating over how Ibn al-Taffal had to leave Qalyub with his tail between his feet, but he is also anxious to hear the news of how Ibn al-Taffal has fared in Fustat, “as if I were present.” But the addressee is not to speak of the matter to other people. (Perhaps Moshe wrote this part of the letter in Arabic to make it harder for snoops to read?) Moshe had had a pair of shoes made for the addressee and sent them with the bearer; the price is 4 dirhams. He neglected some of his other work because he has had so many troubles recently. The remainder is obscure, and the transcription would benefit from further revisions. Verso The tail end of a letter in Judaeo-Arabic, also by Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi, perhaps to the same addressee. It mostly consists of small commercial matters. He wants his garment to be given to his sister Fakhr. He asks about the wife of his paternal uncle. ASE.

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