Letter: ENA NS 60.18

Letter ENA NS 60.18


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Letter of appeal or recommendation addressed to Moshe ha-Kohen. The introduction is in Hebrew and the body in Judaeo-Arabic. The writer reports that the bearer of this ruqʿa is a stranger from the people of al-Maḥalla. [It seems the letter here switches to the voice of the bearer]. He had generously opened his house to all, and among those who have stayed with him are Yiṣḥaq al-Sofer al-Siqillī (the Sicilian) and Mikha'el al-Rav. But fortune turned against him. Now, ever since Tammuz, he has been in this city (Fustat?). He never burdened anyone, but now he has been ill for a month and a half, and nobody look after him except Abū l-Faḍl Sar ha-Leviim. . . [the remainder is lost].

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