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Letter ENA NS I.84

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Letter from Khiyār b. Yaʿaqov to Abū l-Mufaḍḍal Hibatallāh b. Yefet (aka Hibatallāh b. Ḥusayn and Netanʾel b. Yefet). In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: ca. 1090s CE. On the sender, see ENA NS 45.30 (PGPID 12147) and the documents linked there; the addressee is also known from several other India Book documents as well as ENA NS I.90 (PGPID 11336). The letter apparently concerns a dispute between various parties, with reference to prior proceedings in Muslim courts. Names mentioned: Abū Zikrī Ibn al-Ḥijāziyya, Abū l-Faraj Nissim b. ʿAṭiyya, and Avraham (al-Qalʿī?).

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