Letter: ENA 4100.11

Letter ENA 4100.11


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Letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Last leaf only. The writer is begging for an urgent loan or gift of 5 dinars, on Sunday. A sum of 20 dinars is also named; possibly the addressee had previously given him 15 dinars, and the 5 dinars will round out the total to 20 dinars. "If I had anything I could sell, I wouldn't be burdening you. . . . I only wrote this letter due to my great distress, too great to be described, and because of my knowledge that your honor—may God establish your glory—will help execute the needs of your slave. . . . I do not believe that this is a loan, but rather, it is a second bestowing of favor (iṣṭināʿ)." If the addressee does not comply, the writer will "perish." Despite the writer's protestations, this may in fact be a loan.

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