State document: ENA NS 39.10

State document ENA NS 39.10



Recto: Two lines in Arabic script, probably a petition to a Fatimid vizier "mawlāy al-wazīr al-ajall ṣafiyy amīr al-muʾminīn wa-khāliṣatuh." In Judaeo-Arabic, between the lines and upside down, "God guard the servant of the Shaykh Abū ʿImrān." Verso: Prognostications in Judaeo-Arabic. If the year is born in Gemini (الجوزاء): harvests will be rich, the Nile will flood, the cattle will die, a skin disease will break out, and the Byzantines will set sail and their ships will founder. The noblest kings will die and fitna will break out. There will be many refugees. It ends "allāhu aʿlam bi-l-ghayb" (only God knows the unknown). ASE.

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