Letter: ENA NS 16.28

Letter ENA NS 16.28



Letter fragment. In Judaeo-Arabic. Concerning a letter or petition which the addressee had written to the amīr Nāṣir al-Dawla (active ca. 1062–72). The sender reports that he first sought to achieve reconciliation in the communal dispute without handing over this letter to the amīr, but was ultimately forced to do so. This was the only thing that helped; the amir granted permission (to the sender?) to enter the synagogue (which had been closed?). Someone called Ibn al-Dayyan (the son of the judge) is fomenting conflict throughout all this. This letter could allude to a communal strife resulting in the closure of a synagogue, probably in Alexandria, where Nāṣir al-Dawla ephemerally became the de facto ruler during the Shidda al-ʿUẓmā in al-Mustanṣir's time (1062–72). The letter is quite damaged but merits further examination. ENA NS 16.28 (PGPID 11714) and T-S 10J12.15 (PGPID 2810) are about the same events and are probably from the same sender. YU/ASE

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Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).
  1. ] דכרה פי[
  2. אל]לה תעאלי יס.[
  3. אלאמ?]יר אצחאבנא [. . . . צאל]ח אלדעא וכאן [אלשיך אבו
  4. אלפ?]רג אדאם אללה עזה קד אכד לילה [
  5. מולאי אלשיך ואיצא אלכתאב אלתי כתב מולאי ללאמיר
  6. נאצר אלדולה אדאם אללה חראסתה לם אדפעהא למולאי
  7. אלאמיר חתי טלבת אלשלום מע אצחאבנא ולם יקדר עלי
  8. .. אלא בן אלדיין ויפסד חאלנא וי[טר]ח אלשר ביננא ו[בי]ן
  9. א]צחאבנא פלמא ראינאהם ל[ם יט]לבו שלום מצית אלי
  10. ענד אלאמי]ר נאצר אלדולה ודפעת לה אל[כתא]ב ולם
  11.  ינפ]עני מנהא כלהא אלא כתאב מולאי אלשיך ואנעם
  12.  עלי אלאמיר באלדכול פי אלכניסה ו[. . . . . .] פיהא
  13.   פלמא ראי בן אלדין אלאמיר אנעם עלינא בדלך מא


Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, PGP Translations (n.p., 2023).


  1. [  ] mentioned in [   ]

  2. [Go]d the exalted [   ]

  3. [the am]īr our colleagues [........ bes]t of prayers. [al-Shaykh Abū

  4. al-Fa]raj, may God perpetuate his glory, took one night [ago?

  5. my master the elder, and also the letter that my lord wrote to the amīr

  6. Nāṣir al-Dawla, may God god perpetuate his protection. I didn’t give it to my lord

  7. the amīr until I sought peace with our colleagues. He wasn’t able to

  8. . . except the son of the judge, and he is worsening our situation and sowing trouble between us and 

  9. our [c]olleagues. When I noticed that they were no[t se]eking peace, I went to

  10. [the amī]r Nāṣir al-Dawla and gave him the [lette]r.  

  11. The only thing that [benefi]ted me in all this was the letter of my lord the elder. The amīr extended his benefaction

  12. to me by entering the synagogue … in it.

  13. When the son of the judge saw that the amīr extended his benefaction to us in that (permission to enter the synagogue), he did not …

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