Letter: ENA 2558.18

Letter ENA 2558.18



Verso: Letter from Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi, in Qalyūb, probably to his father Abū Sahl Levi, in Fustat. He was very sad and wept the night after an elder female family member (al-kabīra) left him and returned to Fustat. He urges his mother to 'do the things that you told her to do for me' without delay. He requests more tutty; אנבר(?); and golden gum-senegal (? קאקיאס דהבי). The addressee is to get from Maḥfūẓ all that he owes to Moshe. As for Dammūh, he suggests that the family members go there first and he try to catch up with them on Sunday, or alternatively he'll try to come to them on Thursday and they can all go to Dammūh together. Note that Moshe cut up ENA 2558.18 + T-S 13J7.12, a legal document dated 1194 CE, and reused the versos of both fragments for letters.

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