Legal document: ENA NS 19.13

Legal document ENA NS 19.13


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Legal document. In the hand of Mevorakh b. Natan (active 1150–81 CE). Seems to be an apprenticeship contract. The speaker (perhaps Abū Naṣr, l. 13) will owe a debt of 872 dirhams (half of which is 436) to "my teacher" [...] b. Shabbat. In addition, "I have rented myself to him to work . . . every day for 3 dirhams for a period of 4 years starting with the date of this contract . . . ." Also mentions Zayn al-Kohen the son of the sister of al-Kohen al-Dhabbāḥ (the slaughterer), who may be the guarantor. See ENA 4020.9 (PGPID 2417) for a similar contract. On verso there are pen trials and a basmala in Arabic script. AA/ASE

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