Legal document: ENA NS 16.1

Legal document ENA NS 16.1



Legal document. Small fragment from a legal document, probably a bill of release. An amount of 9 dinars is mentioned. Location: Fustat. Signed by Maṣliaḥ b. Shemuel (also signed Bodl. MS heb. b 3/11, an 11th century ketubba) and Shelomo b. Seʿadya (also signed T-S 8J4.2b, from 1026 CE). This document might have been written by the same scribe, Yefet b. David the Cantor. See אלינער ברקת, פנקסים של בית דין הירושלמיים מן הגניזה במחצית הראשונה של המאה האחת-עשרה, HUCA, 69 [1998], p. 13–18 [Hebrew section]). AA

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