State document: ENA 3953.1

State document ENA 3953.1


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Receipt for the capitation tax of Mubārak b. Ibrāhīm Ibn Sabrā, in Fustat. After the basmala, the trigger phrase is "tadhkira bism" (memorandum/receipt in the name of—unusual wording but also found in ENA 3967.25). Registration mark at upper left: al-ḥamdu lil-lāh shukran li-raḥmatih (praise be to God and gratitude for His mercy). At upper right: al-shukr lil-lāh taʿālā (gratitude to God, may He be exalted). Date: difficult to read, perhaps 464 AH = 1071/72 CE. The payer is known from documents ca. 1049–90 CE (see Goitein, Mediterranean Society III, p. 176). Same cluster: ENA 3953.1, T-S AS 178.126, T-S AS 178.200.

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