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قائمة/جدول T-S Ar.30.32


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Five leaves of an account book. Mostly daily entries of a money dealer. Goitein writes, "The first two of five leaves written by a fledgling banker are translated here because they convey an idea of the book-keeping for deposit banking, for which no other examples have been found thus far. Each customer was listed on a separate sheet showing his weekly debit and credit. The second account shows a heavy overdraft. No balances from preceding weeks are indicated and presumably did not exist. The writer was a mere beginner and, as his poor handwriting shows, had little education. His capital consisted of 8 7/24 dinars, see column IId, f. 8, and on one of the pages not rendered here, p. 8 b, l. 6, he notes an expenditure of 3 dirhams on the manāqid, a chest with drawers, as the money changers used to keep. His name was Mūsā, p. 8a, l.4, and it is highly probably that he is identical with the banker bearing that name, mentioned with small sums in [T-S Ar.54.15]..., since the two lists have other names and details in common. One is surprised to find great merchants such as Nahray b. Nissim and Barhūn Tāhertī or members of the Exchange confiding their money to such a poor man. Most probably they wanted to give Mūsā, who perhaps was an orphan (which would explain his poor education), a start in life." (Information from Goitein's edition and index card.)

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S. D. Goitein, "Bankers Accounts from the Eleventh Century A.D.," Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient 9, no. 1 (n.p.: Brill, 1966), 28–66.
  1. Debit, Thursday 23 Muḥarram

  2. Note to Abu ʾl-Khayr 20 d.

  3. Dr., a purse to Abraham 5 ⅙ d. 1 q. 

  4. Dr., a purse to al-Anṣsarī 3d. exactly


  1. Cr. on the same day 400 dirh. Exactly


  1. Friday, 24 Muḥarram

  2. 300 dirh.



  1. Abraham: Deb. 25 d. and one ḥ. Credit 17¼ d. Less ¼ Cr. 47¼.


  1. My belongings: with Yāfī 2 ⅙ d.

  2. With Zikrī 3 ⅓ ⅛ d.

  3. With Isḥāq in the Exchange 2d. 1 q.

  4. In my purse ½ d. and ⅛ d.

  5. Total in gold 8 ⅙ ⅛ d.


T-S Ar.30.32 1v

  1. Thābit debit, a purse to Isḥāq

  2. 11 ⅛ d. ½ q.

  3. Dr. note to Isḥāq

12 ⅔ ½ q.

  1. Dr. ((to Ibrahīm)) a purse

  2. To Ibrahīm 11 d. Exactly

  3. Dr. a purse to Ibrahīm 8. d. Exactly


  1. Total 42 ½ ⅓

  2. Credit, 600 dirh. Less ½ ¼ 

  3. Wednesday, 22 Muḥarram


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T-S Ar.30.32 3r

  1. Sunday, I9 Muharram

  2. Abū Yaḥyā credit, a purse of 11 d. exactly

  3. From Ibrahīm



  1. Monday, 20 Muḥarram

  2. Abū Yaḥyā ((loose)) from

  3. Ishāq in the House of Ex-

  4. change 11 ⅛ d. ½ q.



  1. Wednesday, 22 Muḥarram

  2. Abū Yaḥyā  cr. from Abu ʾl

  3. Khayr by note 20 d. Exactly


  1. Barhūn cr. from Ben Manasseh

  2. 10 ½ ¼ d.

  1. Total in gold

  2. 54 (in Arabic characters:)

Less ⅛ 

(the rest of the page is cut away)


T-S Ar.30.32 3v


Price of 11 d. In silver

  2. Exchange rate 31¼

  3. 343½ ¼


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