رسالة: JRL SERIES B 3557

رسالة JRL SERIES B 3557



Fragment of a Judaeo-Arabic letter mentioning Gaza and appealing for money for the redemption of captives, citing various biblical and rabbinic dicta, and how virtuous deeds rescue you from the Day of Judgment and hellfire (nar jahannam). Interestingly, "The bearer of this letter will be the translator (?! turjumān) for you of these letters."

JRL SERIES B 3557 1 / 1 leaf, recto

1 / 1 leaf, recto

النصوص المفرّغة


JRL SERIES B 3557 1 / 1 leaf, verso

1 / 1 leaf, verso
بيان أذونات الصورة
  • JRL SERIES B 3557: Image rights: The University of Manchester Library. Access rights: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0