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    List or tableJRL SERIES C 152

    List in Judeo-Arabic of itemized food ingredients, quantities, and associated dates. Based on the paleography the dating is likely 18th/19th-century. The food items include sesame …

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    LetterT-S 8J16.19 + T-S NS 323.13

    Letter from Nissim b. Salāma to Abū Saʿd Khalaf b. Salāma. In Judaeo-Arabic. Concerning commercial matters, including a grocer ordering for his store one hundred …

    T-S 8J16.19 Address

    1. מולאי אלשיך אלגליל אבו סעד כלף
    2. בן סלאמה נע
    3. אדאם אללה סלאמתה וסעאדתה
    1. שאכרה נסים בן סלאמה נע


    1. כתאבי] אלי //מולאי// אלאלשיך…

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