List or table: ENA 2558.27

List or table ENA 2558.27



Bifolio from a ledger of business accounts. In Ladino and western Arabic numerals. Dated: 26 Kislev [5]503 or [5]505 AM, corresponding to 1742 CE or 1744 CE. The year "[5]503" is repeated two lines further down, so perhaps that is the correct one—or the accounts span a period of 2 years. List of purchases and sales or "copia de compras y vendidas" (l. 2-3r) by Binyamin Abzardil (or Abzaradel). The heading on the verso suggests that this list is a compilation of the entries in Abzardil's own recordkeeping over a period of two years: "conforme todo en sus libritos ke komiensan del 26 Kislev shanat [5]503... [5]505" (l. 3-4r). On the right side of the verso, where the list begins, all values are listed in silver medin coinage (abbreviated "מאי") and this may be the case for all values listed. The list also features a variety of names that represent Abzardil's personal business contacts, such as: Aḥmed Abū Qurra (? l. 11r, right column), Yosef Bilido (l. 12r, right column) Yiṣḥaq Levi (l. 25v on left column). The list continues on the verso. MCD. ASE.