List or table: ENA 2964.9

List or table ENA 2964.9



List of accounts that records alphanumerical monetary figures in connection with one "Shemuel al-Ashqar / שמואל אלאשקר" on the 19th of the month Shaʿbān, however, the year is not included in the recto's heading (l.1r). Just below the heading there are three columns that are each labeled with terms for coinage types, listed here in order of clarity: "ʿatīq", "jadīd", and "būndūqī" (l.4r). While the first two labels may indicate a variety of possible monetary types– for example "jadīd" may be a copper or gold coin of Ottoman Egypt also attested in T-S AS 204.214 – "būndūqī" is most likely a reference to Venetian gold ducats or their imitations that were minted under the Mamluk and Ottoman sultanates. Further down on the recto and floating apart from any clear line, the marker "abū tāqaʿ / אבותאקע" also appears as a reference likely to the Austrian silver thaler. In the final legible line of the recto "Sefarad / ספרד" is mentioned. The fragment's verso was used for pen trials practicing biblical names on two occasions listed in exact succession "Avraham Yiṣḥaq Yaʿacov" and there are also first-person pen trials involving the name "David." On line three of the verso a synagogue is also mentioned but it is unclear if the term is used generally or in connection with a specific location. MCD.

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