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Accounts in Judaeo-Arabic. Possibly recorded by a bookseller and, based on one type of coinage in use, the yüzlük ("יוזליס" l.3r), the document dates probably to the late-18th or 19th century (the Ottoman yüzlük was not minted until 1789CE). This dating is feasible as well because on the verso there is a letter cluster that may be alphanumerical indicating the year [5]558AM or roughly 1797-1798CE (l.14v). The heading on the recto relies on the term "teslim/תסלים" or "payment" in a manner that resonates with the general language of Ottoman-era monetary transactions (l.1-2). There are many other Ottoman imperial and international coinage types listed on the recto such as "funduqli" (l.11-12) and "riyalat taqa franji" (l.14), the latter may indicate Austrian thalers or Spanish reales (Raymond, Artisans et Commerçants au Caire au XVIIIe Siècle, 23). The verso offers another heading depicting a transaciton, but many names are listed throughout the remainder of the folio. Some names may be authors of printed books and/or bound manuscripts, among them: Moshe Altaras (l.6-7v) and Reʾuven b. David Bavli (l.21v). MCD.

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