Legal document: ENA 2742.6

Legal document ENA 2742.6



Legal query addressed to Yehosef Rosh ha-Seder. Concerning a muqaddam who demanded that his name be included in the kaddish as had been done for his predecessors (man taqaddamahu min al-muqaddamīn). "Some of the congregation opposed him, for their own reasons" (M. A. Friedman has suggested that these were also opponents of Avraham Maimonides, see "A Bitter Protest about Elimination of Piyyutim from the Service — A Request to Appeal to the Sultan [Hebrew]," Peʿamim 1999). One of the groups excommunicated the other group. The name Elʿazar ha-Kohen b. Aharon ha-Ḥaver appears at the upper left (and perhaps at the bottom of another document that was originally above this document). (Information in part from Goitein, Med Soc III, p. 480, n. 154). ASE

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