Letter: T-S 12.46

Letter T-S 12.46


Recto: Bottom of a letter in Judaeo-Arabic. With several expressions of deference and petition-like language. Might be a request for a loan of 2 dinars which the sender needs for his travel expenses in Alexandria and Malīj; he will send the money back from Malīj to Fustat. Verso: Top of a letter in Arabic script. Addressed to two maternal uncles, possibly (mawālayya al-akhwāl(?) aṭāla allāh baqāhamā). The sender tells them that they left at a good time ("in a blessed hour") and that Kalil al-Kassār (the woodcutter) stayed in the shop into the night, and nobody came, and eventually Abū Saʿīd ('your cousin,' ibn khālkum) came home. The old woman said to him, 'Go to the shop and tell Kalīl to lock it up.' The continuation is fragmentary and difficult to follow.