Legal document: Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.29

Legal document Yevr.-Arab. I 1700.29


Legal record (#66). Loan contract. Dated: Sivan 1467 Seleucid. Faḍā'il b. Abū l-Faraj b. Maʿrūf owes 1 dinar and 26.5 dirhams to Sālim al-Ṣayrafī b. Abū Saʿḍ Ibn al-[...]. He will repay it by the middle of Tammuz 1467 Seleucid (i.e., two months). If he does not pay in time, he owes the same sum to the qodesh of Fustat. Witnesses: Yosef b. Yehuda; Nadiv b. Seʿadya. This is the only item in the notebook that is not in the hand of Mevorakh b. Natan. (Information from Goitein's notes.)