Letter: ENA NS 38.18

Letter ENA NS 38.18



Business letter addressed to Abū l-Faraj (Yūsuf b. Yaʿqūb?) Ibn ʿAwkal. In Judaeo-Arabic. This document appears to have been overlooked by past Ibn ʿAwkal scholars. One curious element: the letter mentions al-Jazā'ir four lines from the bottom (and al-Andalus three lines from the bottom). See Goitein's note on T-S J1.29, a dowry list from 1140 CE: "Al-Jazā'ir became the name of the town of Algiers, called so after the islets near its coast. But I have little doubt that in the Geniza the word designates the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea. Cf. EI2, s.v. "Djazā'ir-i Bahr-i-Safīd." Med Soc IV, 455.

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