Letter: T-S NS J23

Letter T-S NS J23



Letter from an India trader, probably in Yemen. In Judaeo-Arabic. He recently came from India (Kullam, recto margin l. 15) and intends to return to India (r15). He refers to Mālikī dinars (r15, v9), which were in use in Yemen. He expresses gratitude with a gruesome turn of phrase: "The flesh on my body belongs to you, and even if I skinned it and (gave?) it to you, it would not repay you." He has purchased a 6-year-old female slave for Sitt al-Ḥusn and two pearl bracelets, among other items, which he hopes will be transported in the Kārim fleet. The addressees should send their letters to Mufliḥ b. Sūdān. Mentions Khalaf the son of the Kohen, Yiṣḥaq al-Nafūsī, 'the parnas,' and Abū l-Surūr al-Kohen Ibn al-Dawānīqī. He has been unable to collect a debt from Fahd, for in this town there is no one to oblige anyone to pay their debts aside from one’s own ‘gentlemanly character’ (muruwwa). Mentions having sent something to Nahrawara (Gujarat) (v9). (Information in part from Goitein's attached notes and CUDL.)

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