Letter: T-S 8Ja1.4

Letter T-S 8Ja1.4



Letter from an unknown writer in Qūṣ to an unknown addressee in Fustat. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: 12th century. The writer reports that the children and their mother arrived safely in Qūṣ after a terrible Nile voyage that lasted 45 days. The writer sends various instructions to be executed in Fustat. He mentions numerous people including Abū Naṣr, Abū Surūr b. al-Amʿaṭ, Abū l-Makārim Ibn Nufayʿ (whose son also arrived safely in Qūṣ), Abū l-Munajjā, and Abū ʿAlī. Information from Goitein's attached transcription.